38WK95C-W – successor of the legendary Ultrawide Monitor

With the 38WK95C-W, LG has created the next big hit of a USB-C Ultrawide Monitor. With an aspect ratio of 21:9 it offers a lot of interesting applications. In comparison to the 38UC99-W, the manufacturer has added some more features without losing the advantages of the previous model.

Ultrawide Monitor with very good HDR function

The biggest improvement of the new 38WK95C-W is clearly the HDR10 support. LG has taken a long time to implement this, but now implements it all the better.

Simply explained, HDR ensures that especially bright or dark areas are not just white or black. Instead, you can still see fine color gradations and the colors look much more vivid.

Normally this works best with special HDR content. However, the LG 38WK95C-W can also enhance normal video content and play it back in HDR.

For this purpose, a special image quality algorithm is integrated, which checks the video material for quality and, if possible, enhances it optically. The color brilliance that can be achieved from normal video is remarkable.

With 300 cd/m² the Ultrawide Monitor does not have the brightest display. 300 cd/m² is rather average, even if it is not noticeable thanks to the bright colors. Here, LG still has some room for improvement for the next generation.

Best overview thanks to the curved display

Of course, 38 inches is quite a decent size for a monitor. Such screen diagonals have only made sense since the advent of curved displays. That’s why the 38WK95C-W also has a curved display, which looks very impressive when you sit in front of it.

Very good color coverage for professionals

Those who sit in front of the monitor for a long time at work and are dependent on good color representation will be pleased with the 99 percent sRGB coverage. The 38WK95C-W offers this just like its predecessor.

Plenty of space for many windows

Also unchanged from the previous model is the QHD resolution of 3,840 x 1,600 pixels with a screen diagonal of 38 inches. For such a large 21:9 display, this is the best and most sensible option compared to the competition.

Due to the very wide aspect ratio, two large windows fit perfectly next to each other. For many users, the LG 38WK95C-W can thus certainly replace a second screen.

However, this aspect ratio is only particularly useful with the LG OnScreen Control software. With this, you can control all possible functions and always open programs at predefined positions.

You should definitely plan some time at the beginning in order to deal extensively with the software. Once everything is adjusted here, it makes working with the OnScreen Control much more comfortable. We already don’t know how we would get along without all the functions.

The possibility to adjust the complete display settings directly in the software is also interesting. Even if LG’s operation with a separate joystick is always exemplary and simple, it’s still much more pleasant with a simple software.

Function and ergonomics

In recent years, we have very often criticized the adjustment possibilities of the new monitors. Especially the somewhat more chic models often focus on design instead of function. With the latest new releases, however, a rethinking of the manufacturers can be observed.

LG has now also recognized that a chic design does not automatically exclude the ergonomic adjustment options. For example, the 38WK95C-W can now be adjusted in height, tilt and angle. And all this despite a very stylish stand in which the display can be easily clipped in.

The monitor as a central unit thanks to the USB-C dock

The 38WK95C-W can be connected via HDMI, displayPort or USB-C. If you want to use the full range of functions, you have to use the latter connection.

The display can be connected to current notebooks via USB-C and simultaneously charges them with up to 60 watts. Of course, devices like the 16″ MacBook Pro can also be connected, which are normally charged with stronger power supplies. On the LG Ultrawide monitor, these simply charge a little slower.

When the 38WK95C-W is powered by USB-C, it also functions as a docking station and provides two additional USB 3.0 ports. Hard drives, USB sticks or keyboard and mouse can be connected there.

A built-in USB-C dock in the monitor is indispensable. Just one cable connects the auxiliary monitor, powers MacBook Pro and adds two more storage devices.

Further data on the 38WK95C-W

LG is particularly generous with the scope of delivery. In addition to the 21:9 monitor, you also get an HDMI cable, a displayPort cable, a USB-C cable, a normal USB cable and a cable holder. A few other manufacturers could take an example.

Of course, the 38WK95C-W is also not a bargain. You can expect a certain quality at a price of around 1,000 euros. But LG clearly delivers and you never have the feeling of having a cheap monitor in front of you. On the contrary: everything looks noble, robust and very well made.

Thanks to the many connection options, you’re not limited to just one image source in the 38WK95C-W. You can also display your PC and game console side by side on the large display. Another interesting feature is the possibility to use the screen for two consoles at the same time and thus play together in multiplayer mode.

For gamers the screen is also interesting because of its FreeSync function. Thus the frame rate of the current framerate of your game adapts itself. This ensures a smoother picture without small micro jerks. But you should note that FreeSync only works with AMD graphics cards.

But not only gamers will have their true joy with this USB-C monitor. Especially in the creative field, the display is very convincing. With the large color coverage it is best suited for video editing and photo editing.

The wide display opens up completely new possibilities for video editing. One has the feeling of sitting in front of an endless timeline and having everything in the editing program at a glance.

Our conclusion about the LG 38WK95C-W

With the 38WK95C-W, LG has once again significantly improved the still very good previous model. You get a very good monitor with all current functions, which is also future-proof for the next years.

If you’ve ever been in front of such a large 21:9 Ultrawide monitor, you wouldn’t want to go back to the standard 27″ screen.

If you don’t need all the features of the new 38WK95C-W and would rather save some money, you can also take a look at the previous model.